With a full fabrication facility, it is common for us to work with other metal shops, as well as architectural, commercial, and industrial customers alike. Perhaps your company is short on time and needs a little extra help to get that project finished on schedule? We’ll do whatever it takes to help you meet your deadline while providing the high quality, precision parts your job demands.


Our services include:







-Section Rolling

Inofab has built a steady client base around the rolled section industry. We have several machines on hand that give us the ability to produce tight rings or long sweeping arcs. We also have an extensive inventory of standard dies plus the ability to machine our own custom dies specific to your project needs.

Our experience and equipment allows us to roll numerous material profiles:

  • pipe
  • tube
  • angle
  • flat bar
  • channel
  • solid square or round

Pipe/Tube Bending

Working with your specifications, we can produce tight radius bends on a wide array of metals and profiles. The resulting shapes can be used for weldments, railings, automotive applications such as roll cages, as well as frame components for structural and architectural applications.

As with our other services, we can also bend a wide variety of materials:

  • steel
  • stainless
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • bronze

Sheet Metal/Plate Bending

Inofab has several press brakes, ranging from a simple 4′ mechanical brake up to a 10′ CNC operated hydraulic unit with 120 tons of force! This multi-axis CNC press brake gives us the ability to consistently produce extremely accurate and complex parts, regardless of the quantity.

These precision fabrications can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • custom bracketry
  • custom flashings
  • cabinetry
  • enclosures
  • pour stops
  • stair pans

Cutting - Coping - Punching


Every fabrication project begins with a cut…

So we invested in an extensive range of machinery to offer the most comprehensive cutting capabilities to our customers. From horizontal and vertical bandsaws to hydraulic shears, various pipe notchers and an Ironworker, we have the equipment needed for efficient and accurate cutting, coping, and punching.

In addition to these tried and true machines, we also employ high tech methods such as waterjet and  CNC plasma cutting to give us the versatility to complete any required task. These tools allow us to cut one or one hundred of the same part, with consistent and precise results,  and the ability to create intricate designs and details in virtually any material.


With AWS certified welders on staff, Inofab has the personnel necessary to complete your job!

In addition to 80 years of combined experience, our large selection of welding machines gives us the ability to accomplish any process required for your project. Whether it be MIG, TIG, FCAW, or Oxy-Fuel welding, we can weld all types of metals including stainless and aluminum.

Even for the most seasoned welder, welding stainless steel and aluminum alloys can present a significant challenge but our skilled team of welders have the experience and precision needed to produce clean, high quality welds.



As a full service metal fabricator, Inofab offers general machining services that aid in the fabrication process. While we don’t claim to be a full-blown machine shop, we do have the know-how and several key pieces of equipment that allows us to complete nearly any task in-house.

We also retain close relationships with several fully tooled machine shops that produce the necessary parts to complete the job. These local sources help us get the parts done efficiently and accurately so we can get your job done quickly and correctly.